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In The Savvy Young Professional, KaLeena Thomas shares career insight, guidance, and mentoring for young professionals navigating the workplace. Drawing on her personal experience as a young professional in the consulting and healthcare industries over the past decade, KaLeena provides practical, applicable advice to other young professionals regardless of vocation or industry. From personal stories to quick tips, The Savvy Young Professional covers themes all young professionals face, including dealing with failure, being proactive, and managing their career. At the end of each chapter, readers can use the journaling questions to prompt their responses to concepts and questions raised in the chapter.

KaLeena is always willing to share what she’s learned from her experiences. I wanted to improve my communication and messaging skills, and when I reached out she was more than happy to meet with me. Since then, I’ve learned more about situational awareness and understanding motivations than I ever imagined. While there is always more to learn, I’ve never felt more confident in my ability to deliver an effective message, whether when I’m caught off guard or have had time to prepare.
Recently, she also took time to review my resume. As most of you know, resumes can be difficult to do right. While I felt confident in mine, her guidance took me from something I was confident in, to something I am genuinely proud to share. Her feedback was actionable and conceptual, creating a lasting impact rather than just a quick fix. Someone I mentor recently asked me for assistance with their resume and interview prep; I shared the feedback KaLeena gave me and they built a resume, fresh out of graduate school with limited work experience that landed her an interview! She’s still in the process, but last I heard, she had moved on to the final phase of the interview process.
KaLeena has been a great mentor to me, and I am incredibly grateful for her impacts on my life and career—and am excited to learn more from as she builds the Savvy Young Professional!
— Jeff H