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Your resume and cover letter are the most important pieces of career "real estate" you start with in your job search.  The average reader only spends five to ten seconds reading each document, so it's critical that yours stand out in the right way.  You can read through my top Resume Posts and Cover Letter Posts for more information and download my resume and cover letter templates below. Once you have a fantastic resume and cover letter, use my Interview Prep information to stand out in an interview.

Resume Template - New Graduate or Student

Resume Template - Experienced Professional

Cover Letter Template

Following my move from New Orleans to Denver, I found myself in a transitional time in my career. I was fortunate enough to know KaLeena through my fiancé and my previous professional engagements. KaLeena offered me advice on boosting my resume and direction on handling phone calls and interviews to ensure my capabilities, career wins, and ambition were prevalent to my potential employer. She also put me in touch with individuals and companies that aided in my job search and even set me up for some interviews. KaLeena is personable, highly knowledgeable, and experienced in what it takes to become a Savvy Young Professional and I am forever grateful for her guidance.
— Megan B.