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Clayton Daniel Consulting, founded by KaLeena Thomas, provides business consulting services to organizations and individuals specializing in:

  • Leadership Development and Career Coaching

  • Career Pathing and Succession Planning

Leadership Development, Career Coaching, and Mentoring

Athletes of all levels rely on coaches to train, motivate, and optimize their performance.  Working professionals seeking growth and personal performance improvement can experience the same benefits by working with a career coach.  Finding a job is just the first step. What made you successful in college will not necessarily translate to the professional world. While my education equipped me with technical skills, it did not prepare me to navigate company politics, earn a promotion, or become a leader. I am fortunate to have mentors and coaches who share valuable advice when I face challenging situations.  If you are a working professional looking for advice, mentorship or to improve your performance, please complete the form below to learn more.

Career Pathing and Succession Planning

Creating career paths for associates and planning for leadership succession are critical parts of every organization’s long-term success.   Clayton Daniel Consulting guides organizations through a process to add structure and implement a plan that enhances the development of their people and prepares the next generation to lead.  To learn more about this service, please complete the form below to learn more.

KaLeena truly has ‘the heart of a teacher’. While going through a recent transition to a new role, I sought out advice and an open ear from KaLeena on what to expect and how to handle new responsibilities. I knew that KaLeena’s previous roles were largely instrumental in carving the way for future company successes, and I knew I could gain valuable knowledge from her. It was incredibly easy talking with KaLeena and gaining insight from her. Her recommendations and experiences have helped me become a better leader and look deeper into the role that I want to create for myself in my career.
— Marissa Y.

Other Collaboration Opportunities

The Savvy Young Professional considers collaboration opportunities with organizations that share its values and create products or services that align with its mission.  Please connect with us using the form below or send an email directly to kaleenathomas@claytondanielconsulting.com to initiate a dialogue about your idea.

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Working with KaLeena really helped streamline my resume and bring my strengths to the forefront. She knew the best things to highlight for the job I was applying for. Resume development can often be burdensome but KaLeena offered simple, easy to follow tips and tweaks to make my resume the best it could be.
— Jill L.