Ashton Haider Brooks on "Her Midwest Work Ethic, Cross-Country Career Moves, and the Importance of being Scrappy"

I am excited to share my conversation with Ashton Haider Brooks, Chief Marketing Officer for The Human Experience. I’ve known Ashton since my sophomore year of college when we met through our business fraternity. Ashton exudes energy, and her problem-solving skills at all areas of life put me to shame. While we love to talk about work and business ideas, I learned a lot about her life growing up and how that put her on the career path she has today. Check out our conversation here or on Apple Podcasts, Google Play, or Spotify under “The Savvy Young Professional”.


Ashton Haider Brooks is a marketing professional with a vast experience in consumer goods. She has helped develop a variety of brands, as well as launch over 25 products across the globe. She recently completed her MBA from the University of Southern California with a focus in global strategy and entrepreneurship. She currently serves as the Chief Marketing Officer for a SaaS start-up in Austin, TX.

Posted on February 4, 2019 and filed under Career Insights.